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OSHMed Health Magazine 10.05.2024

  • What you need to know about Asthma

  • Health Series - Childhood Illnesses: Stomach Ache

  • Health & Safety: Training is essential to prevent fatalities in confined spaces

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

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OSHMed Health Magazine 16.05.2024

  • New Sports Trend - Does Creatine really build muscle after exercise

  • Health Series - Childhood Illnesses: Affective Spasm

  • Health & Safety: Every Worker, Everywhere, All at once

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 10.05.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 10.05.2024

  • Winter is approaching - These foods contain the most vitamin C

  • Health: Acute middle ear infection

  • Health & Safety: How connected safety can unlock warehouse safety

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 02.05.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 02.05.2024

  • Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation - How more people could save lives​​

  • Health & Safety: The Bystander Effect: Its influence on workplace accident response and prevention

  • EMS: Improving Glasgow Coma Scale accuracy among EMS Service Provider

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

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OSHMed Health Magazine 25.04.2024

  • How does Vacation work - How do we find relaxation?

  • Wellness: Healthy on vacation: How to prevent motion sickness​

  • Health & Safety: Hydrating in the heat

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 18.4.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 18.04.2024

  • Also for beginners: How to train for a Running Event

  • First Aid - What to do if you have an Epileptic Seizure?

  • Health & Safety - Protecting workers in high-heat industries

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 11.4.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 11.04.2024

  • Headaches at Teenagers - What is behind it?!

  • First Aid - How to provide first aid at hypoglycemia

  • Having a Heart - importance of an AED

  • Building a Successful Health & Safety Culture

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 4.4.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 04.04.2024

  • Fever in children - How to measure it and what helps now

  • First Aid - How to do proper wound care

  • Key Steps for Addressing Mold and Moisture to Maintain Indoor Air Quality

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 28.3.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 28.03.2024

  • Stye: How it arises and disappears again

  • First Aid - Foreign body in the eye

  • A Comprehensive Exploration of the Role Safety Plays in Manufacturing and Industrial Organizations

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 22.3.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 22.03.2024

  • What is Cholera? And how do you get infected with it?

  • First Aid - What you can do if you are poisoned

  • Addressing contamination in industrial workplace

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 14.3.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 14.03.2024

  • Where does my sore throat come from?

  • E.M.A. changes life & promotes health education

  • Communication points for EMS preceptors

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 7.3.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 07.03.2024

  • Shock?! What to do if you have one

  • Blood sugar levels that are too high: This is how you can counteract it

  • Seeing the Forest for the Trees, remembering the basics in Health & Safety

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 29.2.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 29.02.2024

  • Accident?! First Aid Measures at the scene of the accident

  • People Pleasing: Why it's dangerous to always want to please everyone​

  • Operational Readiness: Stop fires before there's even a spark

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 22.2.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 22.02.2024

  • Swallowed, Fell, Burned? - First Aid for children

  • Shingles: Why early treatment is so important

  • Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents touring construction and renovation sites​

HM 15.2.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 15.02.2024

  • The Chemistry has to be right: How Love is Created

  • Donation from the Safmed Pharmacy


  • Navigating the hidden Dangers of Confined Spaces

HM 8.2.2024_edited.jpg

OSHMed Health Magazine 08.02.2024

  • Remembering his Excellency Dr. .H.G. Geingob

  • Building a robust PPE program

  • Dizziness - What helps?

  • First Aid: Care for wounds properly

HM 1.2.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 01.02.2024

  • Allergic Shock: What to do?

  • Extra Vitamin D for children?


  • Tailoring injury prevention fora diverse age group in the workplace

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 25.1.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 25.01.2024

  • Shisha: Is it a harmful Water Pipe?

  • New and easier design of the E.M.A. Emergency App

  • First Aid: How to behave correctly in an Emergency

  • Heat Stress Strategies

  • Fun Time - Joke of the week

HM 18.1.2024.001.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 18.01.2024

  • Blood Sugar Chaos? How cold & heat affect Diabetes

  • Together we are there for the community


  • Should energy drinks be banned for minors?

  • Building a safer tomorrow: addressing hazards in modern construction 

HM 11.1.2024.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 11.01.2024

  • Fire Destroys "Homes" at the homeless shelter

  • New Years Greetings

  • Panic Attack - How can I help as outsider?

  • The dangers of hydraulic fluid leaks

HM 19.12.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 19.12.2023

  • NMH Road Safety Campaign, with E.M.A., Shell and OSH-Med

  • E.M.A. holiday greetings


  • How to reduce stress

  • Ways to Improve Your Hearing 

HM 12.12.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 12.12.2023

  • Road Safety during festive season - Promoting Road Safety: A Collective Responsibility


  • The Power of Emergency Preparedness

  • Help, it's too Christmassy?! 

HM 5.12.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 5.12.2023

  • Dropping the Ball: The Most Common Fire Safety Mistakes

  • Sponsor needed for fuel of the E.M.A. nonprofit organisation fleet 

  • Good sleep, strong heart: seven tips for a restful night

HM 28.11.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 28.11.2023

  • Detect heart attacks and how can it be assisted


  • Donation received of 6 plushies

  • 5 Common Reasons Why Safety Measures Get Ignored Over Time

HM 21.11.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 21.11.2023

  • 1,000x Emergency Assistance in 2023 = 1,000 x “there when you need us”

  • Tribute to the worldwide fallen medics

  • Changing OSH Culture Through Changing Minds

HM 14.11.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 14.11.2023

  • 7 Reasons Why Antenatal Care is Crucial During Pregnancy


  • Rethinking Manual Material Handling in Warehouses

HM 7.11.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 7.11.2023

  • Addressing an Overlooked Danger

  • Hunger or appetite? - How we can influence our eating behaviour

HM 31.10.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 31.10.2023

  • Wearing a mask: everyday life instead of a requirement?

  • Why Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Professionals Should Embrace Sustainability

HM 24.10.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 24.10.2023

  • Addressing an Overlooked Danger

  • Hunger or appetite? - How we can influence our eating behaviour

HM 17.10.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 17.10.2023

  • Sore throat – what’s behind it, what helps


  • Smart Protective Apparel and PPEs Role in Lone Worker Safety

HM 4.10.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 3.10.2023

  • Can A Layperson Stop an Overdose Death? Updated Guidelines May Help

  • Preventing Electrical Accidents on Job Sites

HM 26.9.2023.001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 26.09.2023

  • Donation received from the Klein Windhoek Pharmacy


  • Vision: A Key Piece in the Safety Puzzle

‎HM 19.9.2023.‎001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 19.09.2023

  • Over 800 Emergency Calls in 2023 - a new record


  • First Aid Preparedness

  • 3 scenarios demonstrating the benefits of capnography

‎HM 12.9.2023.‎001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 12.09.2023

  • Personalised Supplements: A Better Way To Improve Health?


  • Protecting Workers From an Invisible Danger


  • AVPU Instead of GCS For Trauma?

‎HM 5.9.2023.‎001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 5.09.2023

  • Heart Awareness Month at the Maerua Mall and your Heart Health


  • ‘The greatest feeling in the world’: Deep brain stimulation helps stroke survivor regain independence

  • Health benefits and medical uses of Aloe vera

‎HM 30.82023 front.‎001.jpeg

OSHMed Health Magazine 29.08.2023

  • Mountain Rescue at the Avis mountains.

  • Unlocking Cognitive Health: The Power of Brain Mapping & qEEG Analysis

  • Emergency Responder Communication Skills

‎HM 22.82023 cover.‎001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 22.08.2023

  • Heart Awareness Month at the Maerua Mall and your Heart Health


  • ‘The greatest feeling in the world’: Deep brain stimulation helps stroke survivor regain independence

  • Health benefits and medical uses of Aloe vera

‎HM 15.8.2023.‎001.png

OSHMed Health Magazine 15.08.2023

  • Just One Sugary Drink a Day Could Increase the Risk for Liver Cancer and Chronic Liver Disease 

  • Deaths, disabilities from heart problems related to air pollution are on the rise, study finds.

  • What are noncommunicable diseases?

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