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of E.M.A. - Emergency & Medical Assistance Organisation

E.M.A. -
Emergency &


This is the E.M.A. Constitution which was inaugurated at the founding meeting.

The purpose of the organisation is:

  • injured, medical ill and disabled people, to provide help and create a form of transport with the organisation's own vehicles, offering also the professional support and transport to corresponding utilities, 

  • requests for assistance of any kind, of citizens, organisations, Institutions, healthcare and government agencies to communicate and to entertain a coordination center, 

  • to promote cooperation between health and care facilities for integrated care of the population, 

  • assistance in emergencies and disasters through the use of staff and equipment to help, 

  • carry out the training to enhance Emergency Medical and Medical Care staff, 

  • through publications and public events awareness among the population on questions of social and health services, in particular with regard to the support and care of disabled, sick patients and people of any age in rescue services, in the field of youth care and social assistance to conveying,

  • support disabled and dependent people and their families in need of support and care.

The organisation can receive monetary and material donations for the fulfillment of its statutory purpose.

Download the full constitution and become a supporting member

E.M.A. Rescue Service serves the public and gets supported by public members and companies.
If you would like to know how you can become a supporter as private person or as company,
please contact us.

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