Lock down for Khomas and Erongo Region

The government wants to minimise the risk of infection of COVID-19 with this action. 

EMA Rescue Service supports this action and we pledge to stay at home, minimise movement and contacts. This will make our work and the work of the Namibian Health System much easier. 

In case of an Emergency,
Call: 085-9112
In case of an suspected COVID-19 infection,
Call: 0800100100

Clean Hands for all

Support the community service & nonprofit organisation EMA Rescue Service - Special Initiative "Clean Hands For All"

If you have soap, hand sanitizer or hygiene article left, it would be great if we can have them for distribution at informal settlement and homeless places.

If you can help, please call us

061-302 931.


Prevention is the best help

At the moment Namibia πŸ‡³πŸ‡¦ is fighting against corona. Everyone can participate in this fight and help to spread this news. Protect yourself from the coronavirus:
-Wash your πŸ‘ frequently 
-Maintain social distancing
-Avoid touching πŸ‘€,πŸ‘ƒand πŸ‘„
-Practice respiratory hygiene
-If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
-Stay informed on the website of World Health Organization (WHO) -

Hand washing

Hand washing is the simplest and certainly the most important thing you can do to care for your health, and the health of family & friends. 
Properly washing before and after contacts with people can significantly reduce the spread of infectious diseases; it is the single most important procedure for preventing infections. 
A lack of attention to basic hygiene practices can be blamed for the spread of these infections from person to person.


Risk Group of COVID-19

You may catch COVID-19 and be at risk of becoming severely ill, if you've a noncommunicable disease/a pre-existing condition such as:

Cardiovascular disease, Chronic respiratory disease, Diabetes, Cancer

Here are tips for people affected by these conditions to stay safe:

Take your medicine & follow medical advice, Secure 1 month+ supply of medication, Keep distance from sick people, Wash πŸ‘ often, πŸš­ and quit drinking 🍾, Protect mental health

We are β€œThere when you need us” 24/7

EMA Rescue Service is a community service and nonprofit organisation. We are β€œThere when you need us”. 

During the time of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) our Emergency Care Practitioners continue to follow their passion and profession to help everyone in need of medical attention. 

If you would like to support EMA Rescue Service, you can become a supporting member. For more information contact us. 
Telephone: 061-302 931


Smoking damage the lungs

Smoking damages your lungs and other parts of your body, and it makes you more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. It is the right time to πŸš­ quit smoking for a safer and better health

Chart & Stethoscope


This progression report shows which Signs & Symptoms COVID-19 shows, after the up to 14 days incubation time

  • Day 1: Patients run a fever. They may also experience fatigue, muscle pain, and a dry cough. A small minority may have had diarrhea or nausea one to two days before.

  • Day 5: Patients may have difficulty breathing - especially if they are older or have a preexisting health condition.

  • Day 7: This is how long it takes, on average, before patients are admitted to a hospital, according to the Wuhan University study.

  • Day 8: At this point, patients with severe cases (15%, according to the Chinese CDC) develop acute respiratory distress syndrome, an illness that occurs when fluid builds up the lungs. ARDS is often fatal.

  • Day 10: If patients have worsening symptoms, this is the time in the disease's progression when they're most likely to be admitted to the ICU. These patients probably have more abdominal pain and appetite loss than patients with milder cases. Only a small fraction die: The current fatality rate hovers at about 2%.

  • Day 17: On average, people who recover from the virus are discharged from the hospital after 2.5 weeks.


(data by CDC USA, 20.03.2020)





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